Help! My anti-virus protection is disabled automatically by the malware! How to remove this malware?


You have got a suspicion your computer got infected by a virus or malware. Or, you are harassed by the infection directly and just want to remove it rigorously.
But, no matter what anti-virus or anti-malware solution you use, you do not seem to get rid of it.


A not so commonly know and used modus used by HitmanPro is the so-called 'Force Breach Mode'. When you start HitmanPro this way, it makes sure all unnecessary Windows services (/processes) are killed before starting the scan.
Aside from this, HitmanPro also takes many other protective measures in order to disarm or weaken the malware and its' ability to control Windows (system) services (and calls).

In order to start HitmanPro in Force Breach mode, take these steps:

  1. If applicable, save files you are working on, since several programs will get closed along the process.
  2. Press and hold(!) the left CTRL key
  3. Start HitmanPro (e.g. by double clicking on its Shortcut)
  4. Now hold down the CTRL key all the time until HitmanPro is fully started. During this process, you may see several programs being closed / killed; this is part of the process.
  5. Now, let HitmanPro do a full system scan by clicking 'Next' button.
  6. If malware is found, remove it!

Since some malware is nested deep in your system, you may need to reboot. No worry, you will get a note on this by HitmanPro.

Still not solved?

This could be the case. A last remedy could by to run HitmanPro in EWS (Early Warning Score) mode, but this is only advisable to experienced users.
So, in this case feel free to contact us. We could assist or give you more targeted advice on how to remove specific malware.

Feel free to contact us:

Have a nice day & all the best.

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