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How often did you hear the term "all devices can be hacked, the only major factor which plays a role is ones' skills, determination and reward"?
Even if we recognize this idea as being true to a small extent, should we resign ourselves to the fact that not all cyber-attacks or early-life threats can be effectively fended off instantly? 

We believe quite the reverse: the key is to provide your devices with seasoned security products.

Not only do protection techniques wax and wane, so do the attacks. Holding on to the same vendor year after year because you got a great renewal offer or just because the user interface works well for you, are common thoughts which could prove costly. That being said, we must recognize the fact that it is very hard for one to make an informed choice between the various security products and vendors, all pretending to offer best protection.

So here we are, helping you in selecting the best security products within the cyber security branch at a reduced price. 

You can expect ongoing efforts in these areas:

  • We compile tips from security experts on the most common issues that companies and individuals face in today’s digital world and propose security solutions to help people to protect their valuable digital data.
  • We aim to offer a below-market price for our customers in consultation with our security vendors.
  • Furthermore, we will inform you continuously about the current threat landscape via our blog.

TL;DR It is our mission to help you in securing and protecting your digital environment in the best possible way.


CyberTense is a registered trademark and label of the company UpCross B.V. located in the Netherlands.

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