HitmanPro is slowing down my computer ?!


Since you installed HitmanPro / HitmanPro.Alert, your computer seems to work rather sluggish. You are sure this is the case since installation.


To be rather clear on this one; both products are heavily tested agains modern-day security solutions and the team is very eager to enable you as user to use the product alongside other solutions you have installed already on your computer.

A small explaination per product.


HitmanPro is known as a scanner doing static analysis on both files within your system as active processes and their behaviour, but its' purpose is mainly to clean up your computer from cyber threats in a on demand manner.
So, HitmanPro alone is not a real-time product. The scanner is highly effective in detecting and removing those threats.

Key point here, is that HitmanPro is a heavily optimized scanner using a multithreading aproach; during scanning (which most times takes less than a minute) your CPU is not spared :).
This can indeed make your computer a little less responsive during scan. But after this manual scan, HitmanPro wil use none of your system resources anymore.

This is a BIG SURPLUS for technical aware users because their system has no CPU load oftenly seen with realtime products.
For these kind of users, setting a scheduled scan (part of the HitmanPro config options) will meet their expectations just fine.


In some way, you may think of HitmanPro.Alert as a successor of HitmanPro; a real-time product protecting you all the time instead of just on demand.
You are thinking in the right direction, but this needs a little nuance.

HitmanPro.Alert is know as a anti-exploit solution (more here) that is monitoring all your commonly used applications on correct behaviour.
More important, the monitored applications are actively protected against commonly used exploits (/exploitation) and we think it is the strongest protection currently against these kind of attacks.
If you take the time to investigate, you find HitmanPro.Alert is a full-blown solution protecting you agains ransomware preventively as well. More on this product can be found here.

Parallel with the installation of HitmanPro.Alert, the HitmanPro engine is used and controlled by HitmanPro.Alert as well, giving you the best of both worlds.
HitmanPro.Alert is also very, very lightweight and does not affect system performance by design!

TL:DR; HitmanPro.Alert may seem to slow down your system performance if you have another anti-exploit installed as well. Especially, when monitoring and hooking into the same process simultaniously with another AE solution.

All anti-virus engines work well with HitmanPro.Alert, but running multiple anti-exploit solutions is a no-go. In fact, you are discouraged to do so with any anti-exploit solution no matter which vendor.

Thus, make your choice. If you encounter other strange behaviour you think is related to HitmanPro.Alert, just let us know. The HitmanPro team is very interested in debugging those corner cases ;)

Please feel free to send us an e-mail : Support@CyberTense.com

When contacting us, please supply us with your CleverBridge invoice reference number(s) or if possible your actual License Key, so we can handle this more fluently.

We will be happy to resolve this issue or direct you to the right department.

Have a nice day.

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