How to reactivate HitmanPro license on my new computer?


You try to transfer your HitmanPro license to another (new) computer. When you try to activate, you are informed with the message : "The maximum amount of allowed activations has been reached."


By default HitmanPro / HitmanPro Alert uses a licensing scheme which supports the idea to activate the license on your new computer and (auto)revoking the old license.

However, if you encounter this problem after several retries, your only option is to connect with the support team.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail :

When contacting us, please supply us with your CleverBridge invoice reference number(s) or if possible your actual License Key, so we can handle this more fluently.

We will be happy to resolve this issue or direct you to the right department.

Have a nice day.

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